Our aim is to preserve and renew forest ecosystems by developing a sustainable human ecology in accordance with our philosophy and values.

The worldwide losses of ecosystems and daily irreversible loss of species are among the most compelling issues of our time. In 1995, we gathered expertise in forestry, renewable energy and human development, and founded SeedTree to face these urgent issues.

Planting the seed of a tree begins restoring lands, forests, their biodiversity and the quality of life they provide. We started with a participatory program of indigenous seed collection and tree planting in communities around the endangered Chitwan ecosystem, central among the richly diverse forests at the foot of Nepal's Himalayas. We continue to evolve integrated components from education to micro-credit for the environment and human ecology. The links below reveal some of the ways our program improves the quality of peoples' lives as it protects and renews their forests' health.

We are not a grant-making foundation, as such, but work only with those selected organizations for which we can offer on-site management consulting or supervision.

We invite your participation to help us extend this vital life-enhancing effort. Your tax-deductible donation can be designated to support any of our programs.

Notice the several new ways that you can help.

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Phone: 207-567-3056
FAX: 775-361-9006
E-mail: info@seedtree.org

SeedTree is a public 501(c)(3) non-profit organization as well as a 509(1)(a) public educational foundation registered in Maine,
assisting self-reliant efforts to preserve and renew forest ecosystems. Financial statement available upon request.

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