Diversity is our strength: human and biological. Giving all a voice in decision making, we bridge gaps of status, caste, language, culture, gender and generation - benefitting all!

In our participatory research, elders educate youth in the traditional uses of rare trees and plants, creating motivation to plant them. Thus, respect for human diversity protects biological diversity.

Another example comes from the traditional roles of men and women to utilize the forest in different ways. Men are usually more concerned with timber and women with the many other valuable, non-timber forest products including food, fodder, dyes, fiber, and indigenous medicine.

SeedTree occasionally supplies these Kitchen Garden seeds: beans, carrots, chili peppers, cucumber, 3 kinds of gourd, eggplant, okra or lady's finger, pumpkin, and radish. These are desirable foods in Nepal and they quickly improve family health. Our wider ecological aims, from environmental education to the protection of local species, are supported as well.

A partial list of the 62 Tree Species that SeedTree distributes includes bamboo, cashew nuts, rosewood, sandalwood and teak. The complete list of Tree Species shows the scientific names, the common names and uses.