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A list of tree species planted by SeedTree, their common names if any, and their uses.

Acacia auriculiformis, fast-growing
Acacia catechu, fodder, fuel, khatha paste
Acacia nilotica, living fences, fodder
Aesandra butyracea, Chiuri Fruit, oil, timber, sacred
Angle marmelos (Aegle marmelos), Bel Fruit, sacred
Albizia chinensis, roadside
Albizia lebbeck, fodder, fuel, honey
Albizia procera, fodder, fuel
Albizia stipulata, roadside, fodder
Alnus nepalensis, landslide reclamation, poles, fuel
Anacardium occidentale, Cashew Nut, fruit, oil, living fences
Annona squamosa, Sarifa or Custard Apple, sweet fruit tree
Areca cetechu, Betel Nut, fodder, fuel
Artocarpus heterophyllus, Jackfruit, edible, ornamental
Artocarpus lakoocha, Monkey Jack (fruit), desired fodder
Azadirachta indica, Neem, pesticide, medicinal, timber, fuel

Bauhinia purpuria, food, fodder, fuel
Bauhinia variegata, food, fodder, fuel
Bassia butyracea (latifolia?), Mahuwa, fruit, wine, timber
Boehmeria rugulosa, Dhar Githo, a fodder species
Bombax ceiba, Silk-cotton, dugout canoes

Cajanus cajun, Pigeon Pea, food, fodder, agroforestry
Cassia fistula, Golden Shower, ornamental, fuel, fodder
Castanopsis sp., Chestnut, food, fuel and timber
Ceiba pentandra, Kapok, fiber
Choerospondias axillaris, Lapsi, fruit
Cinnamomum camphora, Camphor, ornamental
Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Dalcini or Cinnamon, flavoring, medicinal
Coffee, good shaded understory in plantations, income
Cryptomeria japonica, incense, firewood


Dalbergia assamica, rosewood family
Dalbergia latifolia, Black Rosewood, fine furniture, endangered, very valuable
Dalbergia retusa, endangered, motled grain hardwood used for crafts
Dalbergia sissoo, Rosewood, fine furniture wood
Delonix regia, Gold Mohar, ornamental, fuel
Dendrocalamus hamiltonii, Bamboo, erosion control, many uses


Eucalyptus camaldulensis, fast growing for power & phone poles
Ficus cunis (semicarpifolia), food and fodder
Grevillea robusta, roadside ornamental, fuel
Holarrhena antidysenterica, fertilizer, effective antidysentery edicine
Juglans regia, Walnut, food, dye, timber
Leucaena diversifolia, fertilizer. fuel fodder
Leucaena leucocephala, fertilizer, fodder, fuel, agro-forestry

Magnifera indica, Mango, fruit, sacred
Melia azedarach, Bakaino, Persian lilac, timber, goat fodder, fuel, pesticide
Michaelia champaca, ornamental, religious use
Morus alba, Mulberry, fruit and silk production
Oroxylum indicum, Maltato, indigenous flowering tree, medicinal uses

Phyllanthus emblica, Amla, medicinal fruit, fodder
Pinus petula, fast growing pine
Pinus roxburghii, slower growing indigenous pine
Psidium guava, Guava, fruit
Pterocarpus marsupium, medicinal, endangered
Papaya, 2 types, Coorg Honeydew & Rani Dwarf, fruit
Punica granatum, Pomegranate, fruit

Robinia pseudoacacia, Black Locust, fuel, fodder, honey
Santalum album, Sandalwood, endangered
Sapindus mukorossi, Soapnut, fuel and soap
Saraca indica, Ashok, sacred, ornamental
Schima wallichii, Chilaune, ploughs and furniture
Sesbania cannabina, non-tree good for fertilizer, poles
Sesbania rostrata, non-tree, high nitrogen fertilizer, agroforestry
Shorea robusta, Sal, fine timber, fuel
Syzygium cumini, Jamun fruit

Tamarindus indica, Tamarind fruit, fodder, timber
Tectona grandis, Teak, fine timber
Toona ciliata, Tooni, good furniture wood
Xantholym armatum,Timur, medicinal, spice, income

The World Agroforestry Centre web site has a database of tree species that can be searched by botanic or common name.

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